Begale communications is a consulting agency based in Düsseldorf which works for national and international companies, as well as for associations and institutions.
The agency’s services include strategic consultancy in the areas of public affairs relating to the public sector and business.


The owner, Christina Begale, establishes the company in 2012, focusing on public affairs and PR consultancy. She had previously made a name for herself in the areas of sport, events, politics and local administration and has a network of contacts in the worlds of business, politics, associations and sport.

Her feel for politics and versatility were most tellingly demonstrated in her role as office manager and strategic advisor to Mayor Joachim Erwin.
Begale has been actively involved in national and international sport as the strategic coordinator of the “Düsseldorf Rhine-Ruhr 2012” bid for the Olympic Games and as the managing director of the sportagentur Düsseldorf from 2006 to 2012.

In this role she succeeded in firmly establishing Düsseldorf’s position as a city of sport. Begale was responsible for the acquisition and development of major sporting events in the city including
the Ski Cross-Country World Cup, DTM presentation, the Tour de France bid and the T3 Triathlon.

Christina Begale’s committee involvement:

  • Vice President of the Düsseldorf Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Member of the Düsseldorf IHK Tourism, Congress and Exhibitions Committee
  • Member of the Düsseldorf IHK Medium-Sized Companies Committee
  • Sits on the members’ board of the mutual insurer Gothaer Versicherungsbank VVaG, Cologne
  • Member of the Advisory Council of the insurer Gothaer Allgemeine Versicherung AG, Cologne
  • Member of the Sport Advisory Council of the IST University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf (until 30.09.2021)
  • Press speaker of the MIT, middle class and economic union Düsseldorf
  • Vice president of Aktionsgemeinschaft Düsseldorfer Heimat- und Bürgervereine e.V.
  • Since 01.10.2021 commercial judge at the Düsseldorf Regional Court


  • NRW Stiftung Förderverein e.V.
  • ESB Marketing Netzwerk, St. Gallen (CH)
  • Economic Council of the CDU e.V.
  • Economic Forum of the SPD e.V.


We have an excellent market network and work on the basis of strategic partnerships with experts who have many years of experience.
We are thus able to assemble a team that perfectly fits the needs of our clients, and produce persuasive solutions.

Expertise in the area of administrative politics

Expertise in the area of administrative politics

Over 15 years’ experience in politics and consultancy

Over 15 years’ experience in politics and consultancy

Christina Begale with European swimming champion Christian Keller.
Public Affairs & Public Relations

Public Affairs & Public Relations

Christina Begale speaking with Austria’s Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.
National & international network

National & international network

Christina Begale and IOC President Thomas Bach at the construction site of today’s Esprit Arena in D...
Tulip Inn Tulip Lunch with Dr. Stephan Keller

Tulip Inn Tulip Lunch with Dr. Stephan Keller