Christina Begale | A portrait in topmagazin Düsseldorf

Christina Begale topmagazin Düsseldorf

Christina Begale founded the communications agency Begale Communications in 2012. For topmagazin Düsseldorf, Christina Begale reviews the past months. Her conclusion is pleasing, she describes the last year as the most successful of her self-employment.

The Düsseldorf native, who specializes in lobbying and political communications with her agency, follows the credo: “You have to use crises to reassess your opportunities.” Her success proves her right.

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Christina Begale at the IHK Trainee Challenge

Christina Begale, IHK Assembly member and owner of Begale Communications, faced various challenges with her “Team Wirtschaft”. At her side fought IHK President Andreas Schmitz and IHK Vice President Dirk Lindner.

christina begale

“Team Economy” wiring an excavator circuit board.

christina begale

Award ceremony – The teams of the IHK Trainee Challenge and the trainees of Vodafone GmbH.

New Year’s reception of the IHK Duisburg

On tuesday the 8th of January the Lower Rhine IHK (Niederrheinische IHK) held it’s New Year’s reception in Duisburg. Central Headpoints were the Energy transition, climate protection, digitization and demography.

Another aspekt was the infrasturcture in and around the Ruhr area. The low water level of the Rhine showed how sensitive the delivery routs are. With that the Lower Rhine IHK starts with big challanges into the new year.

The Tour de France

“The Tour de France bid is an important signal for the sport city of Düsseldorf, and the right one. As a city of sport, cosmopolitan and financially strong Düsseldorf must stake its claim as a metropolis that has to be taken seriously in international competition for world-class sporting events.