Public affairs for North Rhine-Westphalia

Enabling, consolidating and shaping credible advocacy

In advising our clients we enable them to successfully advocate their interests in the political sphere: By translating commercial interests into the language of politics, we enable our clients to develop an understanding of what is required for effective advocacy.

We consolidate the complex process of political decision-making for our clients. By providing detailed analyses of the framework conditions and the targeted management of issues and messages, we lay the cornerstone for successful advocacy.

We turn the agreed measures into practical action for our clients. These actions are always based on a strategy developed in conjunction with our clients, and combine measures for direct lobbying with lobbying via multipliers or strategic alliances.

Business areas and services:

  • External representation and the protection of interests on political committees, with authorities and associations
  • Ensuring that key political stakeholders (at local, state and federal level) are adequately recognised by authorities and associations
  • Dialogue with functionaries, involvement in political events
  • Monitoring, preparation and analysis of industry-relevant developments and debates
  • Devising and producing position and strategy papers, political messages, presentations, briefings and background information
  • Advising and assisting legislation processes that are relevant to businesses
  • Assistance with drafting and editing texts

Leadership coaching

A manager’s performance is largely based on emotional stability. While they are expected to act decisively, and be untiring and successful, at the same time managers also have to be ethical, empathetic and approachable. That means they are often walking a perilous tightrope, trying to reconcile the needs of the public, employees and (political) committees.

We see ourselves as a holistic coach and a trustworthy orientation partner for managers, helping them to deal both with sudden crises and day-to-day matters.

We guide our clients safely through mission-critical situations, and assist them with their long-term positioning in a time of constantly changing requirements.