Workshop: Sport as an economic factor

Workshop for the Federal Volleyball League on 29 September 2016 at the IST University of Applied Sciences

Sporting events make it possible to produce a positive image. This allows unique selling points and tourism approaches to be teased out.

In a best-case scenario, clubs are an element of city and regional marketing who know how to market the given location attractively in all its entirety and diversity. The qualities that clubs represent include high-quality leisure, social responsibility and the capacity use of sporting venues by away and home spectators.

However, clubs’ potential is not always used by city marketing. Often, the players do not know each other or are not networked. Sometimes all that is missing is continuous communication precisely tailored to the target groups.

The aim of the one-day workshop that I held on behalf of the Federal Volleyball League on 29 September at the IST University of Applied Sciences, was to jointly discuss ideas and develop creative approaches so that communication between sport and local authorities and/or city marketing companies can work efficiently and successfully.

“Away from our day-to-day routines, at the IST University of Applied Sciences’ learning loft, we found the time we needed to engage with the challenges of daily club life. Feeling my way into other people’s mindsets, and observing how the group developed ideas together, where there was common ground – all of that was hugely enriching for me.”

Workshop “Wirtschaftsfaktor Sport” of the “Volleyball Bundesliga” in the “IST-Hochschule Düsseldorf”

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